Car Ports

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A car port is a covered structure used to offer limited protection to vehicles. A carport is essentially a garage with no walls. In most cases, a car port extends off of an existing exterior wall and is supported on the opposite side of the wall by support beams. A car port offers a great way to protect your car from the weather without having a garage. Car ports are a great solution for storage of an RV. They are very versatile and can used for staying outside while remaining dry in rainy weather. Car ports are a much cheaper alternative to installing a garage on your home or building a separated garage. Give us a call today for more information on car ports.

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Car ports are simple structures that are effective at protecting your vehicle from rain, hail and snow. A more complex car port can include walls like a garage. Car ports are most effective for vehicles when they are built on a concrete or black top driveway. Although, when it is more convenient some car ports can be constructed on stone, grass or several other surfaces. Most car ports are constructed using metals like aluminum or steel. Aluminum is a lightweight metal that is rust resistant. In most cases, steel is a cheaper more durable alternative.

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